1. Personal Benefits for the meditator

The Mind: the mind will feel at ease — calm and peaceful. Memory will also improve;

Personality: self-confidence will be improved. The true nature of calm will become apparent. Anger will diminish, leaving only the feeling of kindness towards others;

Daily life: will be increased in quality in the new-found absence of stress. The results of work or study will be much more successful. The meditator can enjoy health of both body and mind;

Ethics and decision-making: a right understand- ing of that which is good and that which is bad, will be clearly seen for any given situation. Important decisions will cause less worry because the meditator understands the outcome of his ac- tions. The meditator can refrain from harmful ac- tions and decisions, instead being content and confident about choices made.

2. Benefits for the Meditator’s Family

Peace and success: family life will be more harmonious, through the increased mutual respect and consideration between family members. Parents will be better able to lead the family suc- cessfully;

Cooperation: Family members will be more en- thusiastic to honour their duties and co-operate towards solving shared problems.

3. National Benefits

Peaceful Society: most grave social problems originate from unwholesomeness of mind. If everybody learns to meditate and live peacefully, ‘endemic’ problems like crime and drug abuse will be diminished;

Respect: Respect for others will be improved simply through keeping to a routine of meditation and following moral precepts. Honesty will di- minish suspicion in the community;

A caring society: as a result of meditation, the peacefulness of life can be more widely enjoyed and there will be a more widespread willingness to participate in social work

4. Spiritual Benefits

Understanding eternity: all people, with or without their own faith can deepen the understanding of their own spirituality through meditation. Meditators of all faiths, through the practice of meditation, can explore their own faith in depth, particularly with reference to the understanding of eternity in their chosen faith;

Inspiration: inspiration in your own spiritual tradition is strengthened as the meditator comes to realize the profound happiness that can be found through meditation;

Prolonging the lifetime of spiritual traditions: the meditator’s own spiritual tradition will be maintained as newcomers have a better under- standing of moral conduct and self-discipline.