“Open Day” At Wat Phradhammakaya Benelux in Belgium


dhammakayaopendeur2014_014.JPG.h380 (1)

August, 16th Wat Phradhammakaya Benelux in Belgium held an open day. The day was a great success as a large number of interested people came, all the way from 1 pm to 5 pm. Many people found their questions answered, either by testing out the meditation technique, or by the explanations of our expert volunteers. In the meantime, a presentation introducing the temple, and the Buddha’s teaching, was shown.


The dedicated efforts of all our meditation friends to prepare cakes and sweets were very much appreciated. Not only the thirst for knowledge about Buddhism was satisfied, but drinks were provided to also take care of our physical thirst. Our impression was that everyone has gone back home with satisfaction, and many intend to join the meditations held at the center. Of course it isn’t always easy for our newcomers to motivate themselves to meditate, as competition from the television set can be tempting, especially during the cold winter! But we are certain to see the return of a great number of particpants for our porgrams in the fall and winter, and will continue to work together to achive world peace… through inner peace.


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